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TRITONIA designs


wearable art and jewelry creations limited editions

Celebratory Wearables for virtual celebrations!

Being virtually online does not mean having to give up fun celebratory attire!

Light up your online presence with Tritonia Designs Unisex Celebratory Wearables for virtual celebrations!

Each piece is unique and hand made.

Light up Glasses: Glasses colors: Clear, Amber, Light Blue, Smoke Grey, Mirror Blue

Light Colors: Blue solid, Pink solid, Multi (slowly changes red/blue/green/cyan/yellow/purple/pink)

Battery Holder, on/off switch (included). Requires 2 AA batteries (batteries not included unless specified)

To purchase go to Shop. Pieces are priced and can only be purchased in the online "Shop". General price range of pieces can be found at the bottom of each of the five collections pages. If you are interested in a piece on the website that is not in the online shop please contact Tritonia Designs directly:

To place a custom order or request a custom message please contact Tritonia Designs  •  Email:

Currently Available: Clear/Blue, Clear/Pink, Clear/Multi, Amber/Multi, Light Blue/Blue, Light Blue/Pink, Light Blue/Multi

Amber/Multi shown above  (Light colors cycles and repeats through red, green, blue, yellow, purple, pink

Polar Bears for Peace Tiara

"Fight Injustice" Peace Pin /

Soft Headband with multi LED

Wide headband can be worn as Mask

Wear your message ... make a statement,
Create change, peacefully
(with or without LED Light, with or without headband!)
to Customize your statement when you order contact

Peace / Anarchy Pin /

Soft Headband

with multi LED

Light Blue / Purple LEDs  (solid on)

Clear / Blue LEDs  (solid on)

Clear / Pink LED,  Clear / Blue LED  (solid on)

Clear / Multi LED (slowly changes colors)

Blue / Blue LED  (solid on)

Blue / Pink LED  (solid on)

LED Glasses Solid Color LED: $45, LED Glasses Multi/Changing: $50.

Headband (Hard/no lights): $15, Headband with statement, no LED light $30, Pin/Headband with LED light $50

Prices: When purchasing multiple pieces, quantity discounts may apply.

General Pricing of Peace Sign Statement. (shop specific product)

Peace sign Tiara (no lights): $20.

Tiara with peace sign and statement, no LED light $30

Peace sign Pin with statement and light $60

Peace sign Pin with light and Soft 4" Headband with LED light $65.

To customize statement contact


Prices: When purchasing multiple pieces, quantity discounts may apply.

Caution:  Think safety. Not advisable for small children. Handle carefully and use only as intended. 

10% of Tritonia Designs Zoomwear and HillTribe Silver profits will be donated to Art Pod, a nonprofit art organization bringing innovative, experiential and virtual explorations of art, science, culture, technology and STEAM (STEM + ART) education (virtual and in-person) to the public and disadvantaged communities.
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