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TRITONIA designs


wearable art and jewelry creations limited editions

Wearable "tattoos" of Eco-conscious recycled rubber. 

Temporary tattoos for any occasion!

Each piece is hand made so as uniquely individual as a tattoos.

No two are the same.

To purchase go to Shop. Pieces are priced and can only be purchased in the online "Shop". General price range of pieces can be found at the bottom of each of the five collections pages. If you are interested in a piece on the website that is not in the online shop please contact Tritonia Designs directly:

To place a custom order, please contact Tritonia Designs  •  Email:

Recycled Bicycle Tire
RBT05 - 5" long
Recycled Bicycle Tire
RBT04  - 5" long
Recycled Bicycle Tire
RBT01 - 3" long
Recycled Bicycle Tire
 RBT03 - 3" long
Recycled Bicycle Tire
RBT02 - 4" long
Recycled Bicycle Tire wrist and arm bands

* Price range: $50-80 USD earrings and tattoo bracelets based on size and complexity

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