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TRITONIA designs


wearable art  and jewelry creations limited editions

Goth meets tribal in contemporary designs of pure silver luxury.

Each piece is unique and hand crafted, resulting in TRITONIA designs jewelry creations that are one-of-a-kind original fusions of contemporary style and tribal tradition.

Each piece is unique. Our Thai Hilltribe Silver Limited Edition Tritonia Designs Collection uses Karen Hill Tribe Thai Silver. The Karen Hill Tribes are indigenous to border areas around Thailand, Laos and Myranmar (Burma). Karen Hill Tribe Silver is purer and softer than sterling silver. The silver content of Karen Hill Tribe Silver is 95-98%. (sterling silver is 92.5 %). All findings are Sterling Silver or pure Hilltribe Silver. Oxidation is natural and our preference to give silver pieces their unique character.

To purchase go to Shop. Pieces are priced and can only be purchased in the online "Shop". General price range of pieces can be found at the bottom of each of the five collections pages. If you are interested in a piece on the website that is not in the online shop please contact Tritonia Designs directly:

To place a custom order or inquire about a piece not in the online shop, please contact Tritonia directly at Tritonia Designs Email:

Long Necklaces
These beautiful pieces are truly unique, one-of-a-kind creations by Tritonia Designs. Sculpted flowers, shells, beads, leaves and animals used in these pieces are made by the Karen Hill Tribes and are Thai silver (95-98% pure silver). This very pure silver is soft and pliable. Each piece is an elaborate combination of contemporary design and tribal elements. A true fusion of contemporary and tribal for the modern primitive or elegantly exotic lifestyle! Long necklaces, sometimes thematically inspired, are entirely made of Thai silver beads in combination with dangling Thai silver flowers, shells, and animals. These necklaces are created using Thai silver beads or in some cases (i.e. pendulums and nautilus) hang on a long leather cord as shown. All clasps are sterling silver. Each piece is unique, and the designs below are examples that represent basic categories (i.e. Sea, Rose, Leaf, Flower, Open Rose, and Composites.)*

Thai Hilltribe Silver Big Turtle Long Necklace

Big Leaf Cascade Necklace

Big Circle Fish Necklace

Egypt Dangle Collar

Chinese Horse Dangle Collar

Dangle Collars
These original and unusual designs are where modern Goth meets Tribal! Dangling flowers, leaves, beads and other hanging elements are individually crafted of Karen Hill Tribes Thai silver (95-98% pure silver) handmade by the Karen hill tribes of Thailand, Laos, and Myranmar (Burma). The dangle collar neck pieces are contemporary fusions designed by Tritonia using these exquisite Thai silver elements in flowing flattering original designs.

Tibetan Dangle Collar (sold)

Thai Silver Spike Pendant  (2" long)

Small Gold (Vermeil) Dragonfly

Small Thai SIlver butterfly on Ribbon

Thai Silver and Gold Cascade Earrings
Combinations of Thai Hilltribe Silver and Gold Vermeil (18K gold over Thai Silver) in single, double and triple cascades.

with elements including Garnet and Swarovski Crystal beads.

gold and silver cascade  (3" long)

Silver cascades:

single    - 2.5" long)

double - 3.5" long

Garnet, Swarovsky Crystal, Thai Hilltribe Silver (1.5" long)

Thai Hilltribe Silver, Blue London Quartz, Sterling Silver Ear wires (total Length 1.5")

An unusual refreshing new look and alternative for the classic pearls!
Beautiful handmade Karen Tribal flowers, shells and wearable small sculptures are individually crafted of Thai silver (95-98% pure silver). They vary in size, shape and form. Each piece, suspended on a collar, has been carefully and personally selected. The Thai silver collars are open in the back, adjustable, quite flexible and comfortable. The silver collar bends easily, so you can mold it for the perfect fit. I wear mine with everything! (* Optional closed back collars and clasped short necklaces are also available upon request)

Sculpted Pendants
large  Hilltribe silver sculpted pieces on cord (leather or cloth)

Thai Hilltribe Silver Big Heart dangle pendant on black wire collar

Short Necklaces
Flowers and shells are Thai silver (95-98% pure silver) and vary in size, shape and form with each piece. Pieces are enhanced with accents of Thai silver, dichroic glass beads, pearls, and metal beads. Each piece is unique and created exclusively by Tritonia Designs. Pieces are on leather or cloth cords unless otherwise specified and pictured. Some are on Hilltribe silver collars. Thai silver pieces are one of a kind with slight variations in patina, size, weight and color (oxidation)

* Some pieces shown are sold, but similar pieces may be available

* Prices vary  $ 150 - $ 1000 USD based on size, weight, complexity and deign elements

  When purchasing multiple pieces, quantity discounts may apply.

10% of Tritonia Designs Zoomwear and HillTribe Silver profits will be donated to Art Pod, a nonprofit art organization bringing innovative, experiential and virtual explorations of art, science, culture, technology and STEAM (STEM + ART) education (virtual and in-person) to the public and disadvantaged communities.
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