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VRbits by Hot Lava immerse you in Spherical Virtual Reality to experience your NFT image!

VRbits by Hot Lava
Crypto / VRbits *
VRbits by HotLava are a Cinematic Virtual Reality (VR) Digital Art Experience
at the intersection of Art/Science/Culture and Technology.
NFT sales profits will help underserved communities through ArtPod Nonprofit/501c3.
* A portion of NFT VRbits profits will be donated to ArtPod, a nonprofit (501c3) art organization bringing innovative, experiential and virtual explorations of art, science, culture, technology and STEAM (STEM + ART) education (virtual and in-person) to the public and underserved, disadvantaged communities.
VRbits by Hot Lava

Contact: JoAnn Gillerman
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