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TRITONIA designs

wearable art and jewelry creations limited editions

Tritonia Designs creates original Contemporary Silver Jewelry using high quality tribal elements. Each piece is unique. The current Thai Hilltribe Silver Limited Edition Tritonia Collection uses Karen Hill Tribe Thai Silver. The Karen Hill Tribes are indigenous to border areas around Thailand, Laos and Myranmar (Burma). The Karen Hill Tribe Silver is purer and softer than sterling silver. The silver content of Karen Hill Tribe Silver is 95-98%. (sterling silver is 92.5 %) Each sculpted piece is unique and hand crafted, and the resulting Tritonia designed jewelry creations are one-of-a-kind original fusions of contemporary style and tribal tradition.


Tritonia Designs creates original one of kind jewelry and accessories that incorporate mixed metals, natural stones, space rocks, materials and technology . 

To purchase a piece, please contact: Tritonia Designs. Email: and visit our website. "TD Hilltribe Silver Collection" prices are determined by weight, additional elements and complexity ranging from about $80-$700 USD. "5 Elements Collection""range from about $45-$80 USD. "Zoomwear" ranges $20-$100 USD. "Space Rocks Reign! Collection" ranges from $80-$450 USD depending on type of space rock and complexity of design and materials. "Eco Tattoo Collection" ranges from about $50-$100 USD. If you are interested in a piece that is marked SOLD, a similar piece may be available, so please contact us directly. When purchasing multiple pieces, quantity discounts may apply.

Karen Hilltribe, young woman, Thailand, 2007

Fissure 8, Kilauea, Hawaii 2018 - JoAnn Gillerman © 2018

Shipping & Handling & Terms

As is true with hand made and tribal objects, each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind. At Tritonia Designs we select each tribal silver sculpted piece, materials and beads personally based on their overall form, size, shape, and gestalt. Slight variations and imperfections occur and we think they give the pieces character.

We are a very small artist owned company and thus discourage returns unless you are shipped the wrong piece or the piece is not as described, or the item is damaged in shipping. Once you buy an item, you have bought it, so please pick your items carefully and ask any questions before you buy. You may contact us (via email) with any questions about your items before you make a purchase. If for any reason a piece is returned, you will be responsible for return shipping and the original shipping/handling will not be refunded. There is a 20% restocking fee for returns.

Shipping and Handling
Most shipping within the United States is $12.00 per item via USPS Priority Mail (Shipping 1-5 business days). (Multiple orders sent in one package vary with weight, but price breaks may be applicable, so ask us if you want to buy multiple pieces at the same time.) Insurance above what is required for shipping will be added: $2.50 up to $200, $5.00 up to $300 with an additional $5 for every $100 above $300. I strongly recommend that you to get insurance since we can not be responsible for lost or damaged items if they are uninsured. If you have a problem with your item, please let us know. (USPS Priority Mail Express starts at $30.00)

We are happy to ship internationally; please contact for actual international shipping costs that will depend on the geographical address to which the item is sent. Shipping costs start at $30.00 USD

We accept payment through Paypal or others as specified. Payment must be received within 7 days or item will be relisted.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.

Custom Orders

Custom Orders may be available on request. Please contact Tritonia Designs ( to inquire about or place a custom order.


WE THANK YOU! …. Tritonia

Digital Prints available on request. Contact Tritonia Designs if interested.

10% of Tritonia Designs Zoomwear and HillTribe Silver profits will be donated to Art Pod, a nonprofit art organization bringing innovative, experiential and virtual explorations of art, science, culture, technology and STEAM (STEM + ART) education (virtual and in-person) to the public and disadvantaged communities, youth and girls.
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