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TRITONIA designs


wearable art and jewelry creations limited editions

Fusions of metals, natural stones and crystals.  Find your spiritual elements …

Copper, Brass, Silver, Pewter, gunmetal, crystals and natural stones ...

light weight and comfortable ...

Blue London Quartz with gold plate rings (1" dia)

Each piece is hand made assembled, carefully selected fusions of elements with variations of patina, color, size, shape ... imperfections can give the piece its unique character! Designs are very close to what is pictured, though crystals and natural stones and metals are as available. (Some pieces pictured have sold, but similar designs and creations can be custom  ordered on request)

To purchase go to Shop. Pieces are priced and can only be purchased in the online "Shop". General price range of pieces can be found at the bottom of each of the five collections pages. If you are interested in a piece on the website that is not in the online shop please contact Tritonia Designs directly:

To purchase, please contact Tritonia Designs  •  Email:

Swarovski  Crystals, brass (gold or silver color) hoops (1.25" dia)

Vintage Copper and Brass

3" length

Deep Turquoise Blue Druzy with brushed silver brass (1.5" dia)

Opalescent glass dangle

chains (2.5" length)

Smoky Quartz Crystal

dangle chains (2.5" length)

Freshwater Natural Pearls, Gold plate dangle rings (1.5" length)

Smokey Topaz Crystals, Amethyst, Brass, Sterling Silver

Geometric and Asymmetrical

Copper/Brass/SP (2" / 1.5")

Brushed gold metal Hoops with green crystal  (1" hoops/2" total length)
and Aqua/Green Crystals

Green Crystal Vintage Dangles
(2" length)

Smoky  topaz crystal, Brass hoops (brushed silver or gold color)  (1.5" length)

Amethyst crystal, Large Brass Hoops (brushed silver or gold color)  (3" length)

Thai HillTribe Silver, Blue London Quartz,

Sterling Silver Ear Wires  (1.5" total length)

* some pieces shown above are sold, but similar pieces may be available

* General Price Range: $45 - $90 USD based on size, weight, complexity, metals, natural stones, crystals and deign elements

   Go to "Shop" to see prices. Please contact Tritonia Designs if you are interested in a piece that is not listed or priced in our Shop.

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