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About Tritonia Designs

Tritonia Designs creates unique one-of-a-kind contemporary wearable art jewelry inspired by hybrid cultures. Each sculpted piece is unique and hand crafted. Goth meets Tribal, recycled eco culture meets modern primitive and space rocks reign! Tritonia Designs was founded by JoAnn (Jody) Gillerman (AKA Tritonia) and inspired by multicultural adornments.

Tritonia is an Artist who creates interdisciplinary work and wearable art that explore the intersection of art, science, culture, fashion and technology.  Inspired by passion and the temporal nature of natural phenomenon, she travels the world producing works frequently related to total solar eclipses and active volcanic lava flows – universal, up-close and personal. During these travels, she collects exotic beads, silver, and treasures that later become elements in the Tritonia Designs Collections of jewelry and wearable art. Not bound by usual conventions her jewelry is as likely to incorporate lights and space rocks as pure silver, real stones, leather or recycled rubber. Common to all Tritonia Design wearables and art jewelry is the design and fashion that spans tribal, goth, contemporary, elegant. Each piece will be slightly different as all are handmade with special unique elements carefully handpicked to create original designs.

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