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TRITONIA designs


wearable art and jewelry creations limited editions

Rocks from Space designed to inspire curiosity and wonder …

Feel cosmic energy wearing a piece that has traveled through space!

Each piece is unique and hand made.

Meteorites include Campo del Cielo, Tektites, Moldavites, and others.

Paired silver, tribal bead and metal elements vary

* Each meteorite is uniquely different, carefully hand selected to form closely "matched pairs". Designs are pictured below, though size/weight slightly vary and will not look exactly like the ones pictured below. Some pieces are sold.


Moldavite and sterling silver (sold)

To purchase go to Shop. Pieces are priced and can only be purchased in the online "Shop". General price range of pieces can be found at the bottom of each of the five collections pages. If you are interested in a piece on the website that is not in the online shop please contact Tritonia Designs directly:

To place a custom order, please contact Tritonia Designs  •  Email:

Campo Del Cielo Meteorites with Gunmetal hoops (Hoops ~ 1.25" dia)

Campo Del Cielo Meteorites

(Meteorites ~5/8" length) 

Campo Del Cielo iron Meteorite with Thai Hilltribe Silver Pendant / on leather Necklace Thai hilltrible Silver ~ 1" dia, Meteorite ~ 3/4+" length

Campo Del Cielo Meteorite

with Red Copal Nepalese/

Tibetan bead on wire collar (Red Copal bead 1" dia, Meteorite ~1" length) 

Campo Del Cielo Meteorite with Ammonoid Fossil ( ~ 3.25" length)

Campo Del Cielo Meteorite,

Brass Oval( ~ 1.5" length)

Campo Del Cielo Meteorites with sterlingSilver/Gunmetal hoops

(Hoops ~ 1.25" dia)

Campo Del Cielo Meteorite with

Thai Hilltribe Silver, 18" Sterling Silver Chain ( Pendant 2", Meteorite 1")


* some pieces shown are sold, but similar pieces may be available.

Each Meteorite is unique.

* Prices vary, but general range $ 90 - $ 375 USD based on size, weight, complexity and design elements

Energy of Space!


Meteorites are rocks from space that enter Earth's atmosphere and land on Earth creating a field of meteorite fragments and often an impact crater depending on the size, speed and place of impact.


Tektites form when a meteor from space impacts the Earth at high speed and its subsequent intense heat fuses with Earth Rock.

Information and Metaphysical Properties:


Moldavite is a form of tektite. Of extraterrestrial origin, its impact area was in Southern Germany or the Czech Republic about 15 million years ago.


The frequency of Moldavite crystals connects to all the physical and transpersonal chakras, especially the heart and third eye chakras. It can open and align the chakras helping clear blockages. Moldavite fosters balance and energy flow throughout our being. A deep connection made within our heart aligns energies and resonant vibrational frequencies of the Universe. Moldavite allows connection to higher dimensions and guides expanded awareness and spiritual awakening.

Campo del Cielo Meteorite:

Location: Campo del Cielo, Argentina

Time of Fall: 4000-6000 years ago


Campo Del Cielo iron meteorites were discovered in 1571. These meteorites are iron-based with nickel, and many different scarce minerals, such as kamacite, taenite, plessite, triolite, graphite, and silicates. Campo Del Cielo (meaning "field of sky" or "heaven") refers to the location where the meteorites were found in Gran Chaco, Gualambia, Argentina. Indigenous peoples of the area believed they had fallen from the sky. As with all meteorites, there are a limited number of them.

Can open and activate the 3rd eye chakra, facilitating interdimensional communication and travel, provide breakthrough to difficulties and provide a shield of protection from negative energies. It can stimulate its owner's growth, increases stamina and mental power, and enhance creativity. Holding Camp Del Cielo during meditation and reiki practices may bring you bliss, and higher level of spiritual consciousness.

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