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Big Rose and Marine Dance are in the original and unique Tritonia Designs Thai Hilltribe Silver Collection. These two long necklaces are sold separately, each at the price listed. 


The pure Thai Hilltribe Silver elements used in these creations are from the Karen People of Thailand–Myanmar border, many believe silver has magical healing power.  This silver is getting harder to find and travel more difficult. 


Each piece is unique. Our Thai Hilltribe Silver Limited Edition Tritonia Designs Collection uses Karen Hill Tribe Thai Silver. The Karen Hill Tribes are indigenous to border areas around Thailand, Laos and Myanmar (Burma). Karen Hill Tribe Silver is purer and softer than sterling silver. The silver content of Karen Hill Tribe Silver is 95-98%. (sterling silver is 92.5 %). All findings are Sterling Silver or pure Hilltribe Silver. Oxidation is natural and our preference to give silver pieces their unique character.

Thai Hilltribe Silver pieces are priced according to weight and complexity of design. These pieces are entirely created using Thai Hilltribe Silver and all findings (clasps/links) are also Hilltribe Silver (or Sterling Silver) - so pure silver.

We have a large selection of Thai Hilltribe Silver pieces (as seen on our website). Please inquire if you are interested in a piece from this collection that is on our website but not listed in our online shop.


As each piece in unique, there are slight variations of the designs. Marine Dance has two dangles with blue dichroic glass. Big Rose is entirely silver.


To purchase, or to place a custom order, please contact Tritonia at TRITONIA designs Email:

Big Rose and Marine Dance Thai Hilltribe Silver Long Necklaces

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